Principal’s Desk

                                       It is my pleasure to welcome you to this prestigious institution. Ever since its inception 21 years ago, the Govt. ITI Berthin has been a leading provider of quality technical education programs and training. This institution positively impacts the lives of thousands of people living and working in the industry and contributes to the economic growth and the development of the nation. I am honored to belong to the long line of trainees who has been shaped and are being shaped by this institution- a tradition that you are now a part of as well. As Dart of the ITI community, we take advantage of a powerful legacy of brotherhood, integrity and academic excellence. It is the responsibility of each of us to do our part in preserving that legacy for those who will follow us. We care our campus buildings, we strive to achieve our best in the class room, on the athletic fields, on the stage and in the labs and workshops, and above all we demonstrate our respect for one another through our honor code.


                                We know that you will take time lasting friendships and leave your indelible mark upon this institution. Through the delivery of world class technical education programs and services, our goal is to help you in building Inspiring Thoughts; through imparting knowledge & training and impacting Mindsets.



Sh. Bhim Dass,
Government Industrial Training Institute Berthin,
District Bilaspur (HP)
Contact No.: 01978-267229, 62309-87921,94180-60792