Details of Faculty and Staff Members in Govt. ITI. Berthin Distt. Bilaspur (H.P.)
Sr. No. Name ‘s of Employees Father/Husband Name Date of Birth Profile/Post Gender Trade Status of Employees Qualification Job Experience Contact No.
1 Sh. Ashish Kumar Sh. Rattan Lal 14/12/1976 Instructor Male COPA Permanent Diploma In Electrical Engg., Post Diploma in  Computer Applications 20 Years 7018233184
2 Sh. Pradeep Kumar Sh. Jai Singh 13-11-1979 Instructor Male Welder Permanent ITI & CTIS in Welder 14 Years 8219936270
3 Smt. Deepika Sh. Dheeraj Attri 03-02-1985 Instructor Female Electronic Mechanic On Government Contract ITI & CTIS in Mechanic Electronics 07 Years 9816862577
4  Smt.  Madhu Bala Sh. Parma Nand 16-12-1971 Instructor Female Dress Making Regular  ITI & CTIS in Dress Making 15 Years 9418684068
5  Smt.  Mamta Rani Sh. Parduman Soni 16-03-1979 Instructor Female Dress Making Regular  ITI & CTIS in Sewing Technology 07 Years 9816262249
6 Sh. Sandeep Kumar Sh. Sada Ram 26/07/1985 Instructor Male Electrician Regular Diploma in Electrical Engg. , CTI in Electrician 4 Years, 11 Months 7018332587
7 Sh. Arun Sharma Sh. Brij Lal 06/09/1991 Trainer Male Electrician IMC Contract Diploma in Electrical Engg. , CTI in Electrician 4 Months 98177777817
8 Sh. Avneesh Sharma Sh. Desh Raj 03/12/1988 Trainer Male Fitter IMC Contract CTIS & ITI in Fitter Trade 7 Months 9418580879
9 Sh. Pankaj Chauhan Sh. Ram Lal 04/05/1993 Trainer Male Workshop cal. & Science IMC Contract B. Tech In Automobile Engineering 07 Years 9805375040
10 Miss Naina Chandel Sh. Naresh Kumar 15/08/1991 Trainer Female IT & Employability Skills Temporary Out
sourced from
MCA 3 Years 8894056047
11 Vacant Workshop Cal. & Science
12 Sh. Bhagirath Sh. Roop Lal 26/12/1985 Clerk Male On Govt. Contract Graduation 04 Months 8580489254
13 Smt. Sapna Kumari Sh. Vidya Sagar 10/08/1987 Data Entry Operator Female Out sourced from NIELIT(Under IMC) MBA 2 Years 9805382316
14 Smt.Nisha Kumari Sh. Baldev Singh 24/3/1989 Data Entry Operator Female Out sourced from NIELIT(Under SWF) CTIS in ICTSM 4 Years & 3 Months 7807587353
15 Sh. Anil Kumar Sh. Budhi Singh 15/12/1978 Peon Male Permanent 10th 8 Years 9805875010
16 Sh. Sandeep Kumar Sh. Ranveer singh 20/6/1983 Chowkidar Male  Permanent 12th 7 Years 8894464375
17 Sh. Achhar Singh Sh. Banta Ram 25/2/1979 Safai Sevak Male  Permanent 10th 13 years 9418621362
18 Sh. Jai Ram Late Sh. Chint Ram 14/11/1975 Sweeper cum cleaning worker Male Out sourced from Rattan Emporium Security Services 10th 8894161222
19 Sh. Vikas Kumar Sh. Kishori Lal 06/07/1987 Chowkidar cum Security Gaurd Male Out sourced from Ratan Emporium

Security Services

10th 8894643706